H50 episode 3x14: Gracie stays ❀ 

Happy family reunion.

Hawaii Five-0: A Summary

  • Danny: STEVE NO
  • Steve: STEVE YES


Even they ship it… (season 2 - gag reel)

Thank you for the link to the halloween scene! Holy shit, it makes me OT3 them so hard. I know this is a McDanno blog but do you know if OT3 is a pairing anyone has? Is this a thing? Can I find other people who are into it? Just that Catherine doesn't even pause to think to accept Danny and Grace into their lives, and then the moment where Steve steps back to look at them all on his couch and is so happy. IT DOES THINGS TO ME.

I did a quick check and honestly can’t really find much stuff for them as an OT3.

But, I’m all for supporting the ladies of h50 so if you’re into said OT3 just like this post or something so all you lovely shippers can get together!

(And I so know what you mean, domestic McDanno with Grace is my main weakness. It’s what my enemies will use against me for information one day.)

/post/98317978187/i-still-to-this-day-can-not-believe-that-theres Can you give me the video? :)

It’s from ep 3x05. It’s on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkhujCNFAeA

If you wanna get straight to the “good part”, skip to like 1:40 but I recommend watching the whole clip, it’s a super cute scene.


Hawaii Five-0 season 2 gag reel. the gay is strong in this one


Things that make Danny Williams smile… ehm… ;)